Denver Arts & Venues accepting applications for 2019 Urban Arts Fund

Applications accepted at through Monday March 18, 2019

Through the award-winning Urban Arts Fund (UAF), Denver draws locally, nationally and internationally-renowned artists who turn once vandalized walls into stunning works of art which fill communities with pride.

Denver Arts & Venues encourages emerging artists and artists representing marginalized communities to apply. Projects with well-planned youth development and community engagement components, projects in neighborhoods and city council districts which currently have few or no UAF projects, and first-time applicants will be given preference.

The UAF is a graffiti prevention and youth development program funded through Denver Arts & Venues which facilitates the creation of new murals in perpetually vandalized areas throughout the City and County of Denver. The UAF provides access to positive, creative experiences for youth and transforms dilapidated areas into well-tended and active community gathering spaces.

Since 2009, with the help of more than 3,500 youth and 800 community participants, the UAF program has facilitated nearly 300 new murals and has helped protect more than 450,000 square feet of walls from vandalism.

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