Call for Entries: The Masters Juried Show at Kanon

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, June 17 2020

the masters
Finally, our next juried show, The Masters, will be now be June 26 - July 12. The deadline for entry is now Wednesday, June 17. Sorry we had to delay it, but now everyone has more time to make a cool piece or two to enter. We're excited to see what you submit!

We all found our inspiration somewhere. Be it Van Gogh or Picasso or Pollack, we can all remember that one master we not only loved, but who inspired us to create. Did you go through a cubist period after discovering Picasso, or have fun with surrealism after seeing a Dali exhibit? Whatever it was, we’d love to see the pieces you’ve created that were inspired by one of the greats. We’re not looking for exact replications but rather works that were clearly inspired by one of The Masters. The pieces can have similar subjects (who hasn’t had fun creating their own Mona Lisa?) or they can just be a similar style (oops, I spilled some paint and made a Pollack). Have you made your own version of The Thinker out of Legos, or bought some wooden dowels and gone Vance Kirkland on a canvas? The more twisted and fun, the better!

The Masters show is open to all mediums and sizes but any three-dimensional pieces must fit on a 12″ pedestal or be able to hang on the wall.

Kanon Collective
6851 W. Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80214