40 West Call for Muralists, July 2020

Submission Deadline: Sunday July 12, 2020

Artists are encouraged to approach this mural in any way they choose. Varied styles, mediums and concepts are welcomed. The building owner is interested in having pollinators integrated into the mural (think hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, moths and/or bats) but this does not need to be central to your concept. Artists should take into account that this building is used by local businesses (please stick to themes that would be appropriate for a range of audiences and no overtly political or provocative mural themes will be considered). Beyond these constraints, artists are truly invited to approach this mural using bold styles, colors, concepts, and approaches. The mural wall is located in 40 West Arts District, a vibrant, active arts destination and close to Colfax Avenue, a street with a 150+ history.

There are three sections of the mural (click on the PDF Call button above and zoom in to see dimension details). The artist can utilize all sections of the wall as they see fit. You may choose to cover all three walls with paint, or perhaps to focus on the middle section of wall, drawing out artistic elements to the other walls. Another option might be to focus on the middle section of wall and then create an easy background pattern that flows to the other two walls. All walls do not need to be 100% color saturated.

Colorado artists only. Covid-19 has drastically altered the landscape for artists and creatives. Because of this, 40 West Arts District and its local partners are committed to assisting Colorado artists first and foremost during this time. The Arts are essential to the vibrancy, economy, and culture of Colorado and in 2020, our focus will be on providing paid opportunities to artists who reside within our local creative communities. Thank you for your understanding.

40 West Arts Gallery
1560 Teller Street
Lakewood, CO 80214