Of the Moment

Performance art at Leon

Featuring: Esther Hernandez, Lin Wen-Ben, Jeff Page, Jordan Knecht, and collaborative artists Tobias Fike and Matthew Harris

Saturday Evenings at 7pm, April 21 - May 19, 2018

Leon is demonstrating its commitment to promoting performance art through an intensive five weeks series of events featuring some of the best and brightest performance artists of the Denver art community.

Leon is proud to announce their upcoming performance art series, Of the Moment, an exploration of the immediacy and visceral nature of performance art, celebrating six artists who are actively engaging our community, challenging our notions of art viewing, and broadening our artistic experiences. The series is taking place from April 21st through May 25th, 2018. Each successive Saturday night at 7pm, the gallery will become the stage for each of these unique and innovative artists from within our Denver scene, who are exploring a variety of performance art styles, and expressing authentic, individual statements. The artists presenting include Esther Hernandez, Lin Wen-Ben, Jeff Page, Jordan Knecht, and collaborative artists Tobias Fike and Matthew Harris.

Scheduled performance events include:

1. April 21st - Esther Hernandez - Tooth or Dare is a series of relational aesthetic performances. Participants are set up on blind dates by the artist and instructed to play a special card game, allowing players to make choices that whimsically involve performance, intimacy and vulnerability, all the while challenging social norms and conventional dating routines and rituals.

2. April 28th - Lin Wen-Ben - Please Punch is a process investigation of experimental painting employing a suspended punching bag and floor mounted canvas, challenging visitors to step beyond the passivity of mere viewing, and instead becoming active participants in the energetic experiencing of gestural mark making.

3. May 5th - Jeff Page – TITLE TBD - is a performative installation playing upon the effects of shame, exploring ways in which the heavy, negative emotion can be transformed and utilized in various ways as a transcendent poetic tool. 4. May 12th - Jordan Knecht - Signal Noise is an immersive, pluralistic exploration of signal-to-noise ratios amplified by the world of social media. “Please turn cellphones on before the beginning of the performance.”

5. May 19th - Tobias Fike & Matthew Harris - Pop is an absurdist performative dueling match involving needle-tipped swords and inflated body parts.

Every Saturday performance will be documented through video and still photography. In the week following each performance, the video and still images will be displayed on monitors, and the detritus of the performances will remain in the gallery, available for visitors to view during normal business hours. Images and videos will be updated daily on Leon Gallery's Facebook page and on Leon Gallery's Instagram feed.

1112 E. 17th Avenue
Denver, CO 80218