Artists Book Cornucopia X

(the last Cornucopia!)

Submission deadline is Monday September 16, 2019

  • Juror: Marnie Powers-Torrey, Managing Director Book Arts Program, Marriot Library, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
  • Exhibition open to those working in the book form worldwide who are at least 18 years of age
  • Full details at
  • Exhibition on view at Denver's Art Gym Gallery from November 7 - 29, 2019
Reason Belief Truth, by Thomas Parker Williams

I've heard it said that all good things must end, and now Abecedarian's annual Artists Book Cornucopia, most certainly a good thing, is nearing its end. This year's Cornucopia will be the last in this ten year series.

What a rich and wonderful series of exhibitions this has been - most of the artists I continue to work with introduced themselves and their work to me by submitting to one (or more) of the Artists Book Cornucopia exhibitions.

Eligible are any artist bookworks other than SPOD (Self Published On Demand such as Lulu, Blurb and so forth). Books may be editioned or unique, sculptural or more traditionally bound, interactive or passive.


Character & Narrative An interactive show featuring the artwork of: Tom Sarmo & John Van Horn

Foothills Art Center

August 16 - October 20, 2019

  • Also featuring artwork by: Phil Ashworth & Travis Winters

Foothills Art Center
809 15th Street
Golden, CO 80401
Tue-Sat: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sun: 12:00 - 5:00 pm


Linda Lopez: Stranger (Main Gallery)

In the project room: Secret Love Collective: Gay Renaissance (Project Space)

David B. Smith Gallery

August 16 - September 14, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday, August 16th, from 6 - 8pm
dbs Linda Lopez, Blue/Green Triple Dust Furry with Red Cutouts, 2019, porcelain, 8.5 x 9.5 x 3.25 in.

David B. Smith Gallery is proud to present Stranger, the first solo exhibition with the gallery by Fayetteville, Arkansas-based artist Linda Lopez.

Focused primarily in sculptural ceramics, Lopez’s curious and colorful forms have received national and international acclaim. In Stranger, Lopez’s first exhibition with the gallery, she considers the concepts of object and other. Presented in vibrant gradients of color, ceramic sculptures rear their bulbous heads as hundreds of porcelain fingers endlessly pour over one another, feeling their way around fragments of chunky debris. In the juxtaposition of gentle curves and sharp angles, Lopez boldly flips the gaze between bodily and foreign, familiar and alien.

Stranger comes at a time of cultural uncertainty. Inherent to the material itself, porcelain speaks to the gravity of objecthood and tradition, which contrasts sharply with the incorporeal influence of technological advancement on human social systems. Comprised of elemental earth materials, Lopez’s sculptures embody a substantive temperament, endowing her sculptures with the ability to return the curiosity of the viewer.

As described in the recent PBS special State of the Art, Lopez is an artist “redefining the American aesthetic.” Backed by stylistic and technical acuity, in Stranger Lopez ponders, “Who is the real stranger in this world, us or them?”

Secret Love Collective, Anniversary, 2018, mixed media installation, dimensions variable

In the project room:

David B. Smith Gallery is pleased to present Gay Renaissance, an installation-based exhibition by Denver’s own Secret Love Collective.

Bounding with vibrantly colored handmade pom poms, carefully stitched banners, and mound upon mound of soft sculpture, Gay Renaissance brings a sense of maximalist celebration to the gallery’s project room. Impervious to, or perhaps in spite of increasing societal and political divisiveness, Secret Love Collective unapologetically infuses radical love into every plush, patterned nook and cranny.

With a history of spontaneous dance parties and costumed sidewalk parades, the joy of queerness sparkles like iridescent sequins throughout all of Secret Love’s endeavors. Working together to create immersive installations and experiences, the collective embraces the potential of critical collaboration. Self-emancipated from the rigidity of convention, Secret Love Collective’s Gay Renaissance proves once and for all that love itself can be a life-changing revolution, and that sharing secrets is undoubtedly a good thing.

David B. Smith Gallery
1543 A Wazee Street
Denver, CO, 80202


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Ken Peterson: Holga 2

John Horner: Metaphors About Shadows and Light in the world

Sarah Clark: Conversation with Order

Edge Gallery

August 16 - September 1, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday, August 16th from 6 - 10PM
Ken Peterson - When Knowledge Dies, 8” x 10”, May 2018

Edge Gallery
7001 W. Colfax
Lakewood, CO
Thu: 1-5pm, Fri: 5-10pm, Sat/Sun:12-5pm


James C. Jones and Cyncie Winter: Portals

SYNC Gallery

August 15 - September 14, 2019

  • First Friday Art Walk: September 6th from 6-9pm
 James C. Jones - "Heart Portal”; Digital print & mixed media on wood, 24" x 48”

James C. Jones and Cyncie Winter—established artists and long-time members of SYNC Gallery—join together in this exciting exploration of what it means to contemplate entering through Portals as an opportunity to experience reverence and gratitude, connection and possibility, belonging to the Universe, and empowerment of our individual paths of heart.

James C, Jones imagines a world where humanity exists as the living earth. Each subject rests solemnly in reverence to the portals of natural energy contained within the powerful conscious thought of mankind.

The artist’s choice of medium and style - overlaying digital prints on unique patterns of painted wood-grain, and then recasting humanity as objects in nature - amplifies a presence within himself that recognizes a universal community and power from which all life is born. His unique integration of digital printing and painting, combined with the raw material of paper, reconciles the disconnected relationship of humanity with nature, replacing it with the idea that we can harmonize with our environment despite feeling disconnected from it.

James’ acknowledgement of the relationship of humanity to the Universe is where spirituality, art, and living intersect for the artist. At this creative portal, he has found the empowerment to carve out a unique path, and it is through his art that the artist hopes to communicate liberation of the mind, from the trappings of materialism.

Cyncie Winter - “Be Infinitesimal”; Acrylic on canvas, 36” x 45”

In her most recent series, Cyncie Winter paints about Possibility. Portals. Doorways. Openings. Windows to the World. Through her paintings, she explores the theme of what it is like to find ourselves standing at an entryway at any given time in our lives, realizing we can either accept the invitation to go into and through them, or not. If we can summon up the courage to enter through these portals, there is the potential for a rich world waiting for us.

Cyncie works with a process that is intuitive, intentional, gestural, and expressive. Using multiple washes and layers of liquid acrylic paint, she explores what it means to invite in fluidity and resilience to both creativity and to life itself. The shapes and symbols and colors that emerge from this complex process can provide symbolic teachings for what it means to walk through a portal.

In this way, she considers herself to be a co-creater, working in partnership with the painting, asking powerful questions about Possibility. She has found that if she listens closely enough for the answers, the paintings will show her the way, into and through these doorways of Wonder.

Sync Gallery
931 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Thu: 1-4pm
First & Third Fridays: 6- 9pm
Sat 12-4pm


Summer Camp

Featuring: Sarah Bowling, Jillian FitzMaurice, Caleb Hahne, Adam Milner, George P. Perez, Ben Siekierski

Rule Gallery

August 16 - September 14, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday, August 16 from 6-9pm
SB Softer Than You
Sarah Bowling, Softer Than You, 2019, vinyl, air, cinderblock, beach balls, thread, 42 x 30 x 26 inches

RULE Gallery is pleased to present Summer Camp, a group exhibition featuring Sarah Bowling, Jillian FitzMaurice, Caleb Hahne, Adam Milner, George P. Perez and Ben Siekierski.

Rule Gallery’s new group exhibition Summer Camp is a deep dive into that titular rite-of-passage so ingrained in the collective American psyche. Whether a mediated or direct experience, ‘camp’ evokes the gamut of coming-of-age emotional and experiential states. Each artist has a unique relationship with presence and absence of camps in their childhood and their effects on social behaviors. The artworks intend to conjure up associations as protean as camp programming itself; and moreover, each of the participating artists makes use of varying elements of nostalgia, play and the idyll as catalysts for invoking the enduring images and narratives of youth, examining themes of longing, separation anxiety, self-discovery, personal growth and independence Much like a conventional Summer Camp, the exhibition reunites a group of artists who have connected at different points over the years and alludes to the joyous celebration of being reunited with a set of friends that you may only see once a year.

RULE Gallery
808 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO
Tue - Fri from 12-6p; Sat from 12-5p; by appointment: 303.800.6776


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Trine Bumiller: Close Encounters

Art Gym Denver

August 15 - September 6, 2019

  • Opening reception: Thursday, August 15 from 5-8 PM
  • Artist talk and viewing of Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Tuesday, August 20 from 6-9pm
Close Encounters, a new mixed-media installation by Denver artist Trine Bumiller, explores the obsessive pull of Devils Tower

 Devils Tower, the first National Monument, has been a site of interest for longer than modern history has documented. A geological mystery, this tower pierces the otherwise flat landscape of northern Wyoming. It is a spiritual mecca for over 20 Native American tribes who have found solace in the sacred setting, still using it for rituals and prayer to this day. More recently still, Devils Tower is the setting of Steven Spielberg’s 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a film about an undying obsession with finding the truth about aliens and UFOs.

Presently, Devils Tower is the focus of Denver artist Trine Bumiller. Interested in the mystical pull this site has on people, Bumiller built an obsession with its obsession. In her artist statement she explains “The obsessiveness speaks to the obsessive quality of human nature; from the number of times the tower has been reproduced to the many references to it throughout history. It plays off of both ritual and prayer, a repeated gesture meant to invoke spiritual practice and meditation.” Made up of thousands of individual works of different media, size, and techniques, the exhibition certainly makes her obsession abundantly clear.

Trine Bumiller grew up in Cincinnati, OH, and graduated from RISD. Her art career has taken her across the globe, showing and attending artist residencies worldwide. She is represented by Robischon Gallery and currently lives and works in Denver and Fraser, CO.

Art Gym Denver
1472 Leyden Street
Denver, CO 80220


Paper and Ink: Contemporary Printmaking

Art Students League of Denver

August 16 - September 29, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday August 16 from 5:30-8pm
Joe Higgins

Join us for the opening of our latest exhibit - Paper & Ink: Contemporary Printmaking. ASLD faculty and members have contributed all types of printmaking to this exhibit, highlighting the very best in paper and ink. Meet and mingle with our community of artists.

Free and open to the public. Light bites and refreshments provided.

Art Students League of Denver
200 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203


New Works by Amanda Vela-Charbonneau

Kanon Collective

August 16 - 31, 2019

  • Opening reception: Friday, August 16, 6-10 pm at our new location: 6851 West Colfax Avenue, inside Pasternack's Art Hub
Denver-based visionary artist Amanda Vela Charbonneau a.k.a Spirit Pervades Matter's Solo Show opens on Friday, August 16th. We invite you to join us for the show's opening reception that night from 5-10pm.

Amanda creates original art as part of her meditation practice. Her work is an expression of her relationship to a power greater than herself and seeks to impart a sense of hope, peace, and joy within the viewer. Her process is stream-of-conscious, each form in her patterns is inspired by the previous; it is the physical unfolding of a journey of prayer and worship. Her body of work is mostly abstractions of wildlife, and is now beginning to include portraits. She re-imagines the motifs of the mandala and sacred geometry to create her own original style. She uses techniques and mediums such as free-hand ink and color pencil drawings, watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings, as well as mixed media creations, and each piece is meant to be uplifting through the use of vibrant colors, harmonious patterns, and positive intentions.

Kanon Collective is an artist-owned and operated gallery located at 6851 W. Colfax in the heart of the 40 West Arts District in Lakewood, featuring the work of a dynamic group of local artists.


Brigitte Moeckli & Andreas Schmid: Viewpoints

Bitfactory Gallery

August 16 - September 12, 2019

  • Opening reception: August 16 from 6-9pm
Bitfactory Gallery at 851 Santa Fe Drive is proud to present Viewpoints, a multimedia installation by Swiss artist Brigitte Moeckli and Denver drummer Andreas Schmid. Once a month, over a period of one year, the artists exchanged photographs of scenes they each came across in their daily lives. These images were the source for improvised drum compositions, later mixed together as a soundtrack for the photographs that are partially redirected and projected as an animated time sequence, inviting the viewer to travel through a dream world where different themes create space for personal interpretations and reflections.

The goal of Viewpoints is to create an awareness of time and space as a visual flow where actual physical locality loses its significance. The exhibit has been shown twice in Zurich, Switzerland and in the South of France.

Brigitte Moeckli lives and works near Zurich, Switzerland. After completing her studies in art history, history and German at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, she worked as a research assistant at the Art Institute in Chicago. She enhanced her technical skills as an artist with formal training in Zurich, graduating as an art teacher. Her additional trainings in dance and movement therapy led her most recently to receive a diploma in process-oriented psychology. Moeckli’s work is a direct result of this background. She is curious about her inner world, manifesting itself in thoughts, dreaming, daydreaming, body experiences, altered states of consciousness and interactions with people from various worlds. Her work including installations and photographs have been on display in various art institutions throughout Switzerland.

Andreas Schmid is a professional drummer based in Denver, CO. He has developed a versatile and open drum sound, leading him to successful artistic collaboration with various notable artists coming from many different stylistic backgrounds. Schmid developed his individual sound through studies at New York’s Drummers’ Collective, graduating from Berklee College of Music in Boston and receiving a Master’s in music education at the Zurich Conservatory in Switzerland. He also studied the cajón at the Taller Flamenco in Seville. He has performed throughout Europe and the US at different acclaimed jazz and rock clubs, as well as at festivals. He currently teaches music at Steele Elementary School and drums at MSU’s DIME Denver program

Bitfactory Gallery, located in the heart of Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe, exhibits works by the best emerging and up-and-coming local, national and international visual artists. Owner/artist/curator Bill Thomason strives to showcase art that may not be a good fit for other galleries. Additionally, he hosts one major or renowned artist a year, bringing new and exciting work to Denver. The Bitfactory building also houses artist studios with the vision of providing a helpful, friendly atmosphere for artists to work solo or collaborate with others. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., and by appointment. 

Bitfactory Gallery and Studios
851 Sante Fe Blvd.
Denver, CO.


Charles Livingston: “Intersection”

Abby Gregg: “Amoebic Currents"

Pirate: Contemporary Art

August 16 – September 1, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday, August 16, 6-10pm
  • Guest artist Dani Kautz presents hybrid cross contoured figurative drawings that speak to female empowerment
In the main member space:

Charles Livingston presents “Intersection” a photographic and sound investigation into the credibility and authenticity people lend to a place based on time, space and presence specific to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

"Amoebic Currents" in the associate space features work by Abby Gregg. Her paintings and ceramic vessels contain surreal landscapes that explore aquatic, cavernous, microscopic realms with an underlying message about cumulative ecological mistreatment.

Pirate: Contemporary Art
7130 W 16th Ave
Lakewood, CO 80214


Was It Worth It: RedLine's 6th Annual Juried Exhibition


August 10 - September 8, 2019

  • Public Reception: August 10 from 6 - 9pm
  • Juried by Ivar Ziele
Heather Schulte
Participating Artists: Alexandra Basford, Brenda Biondo, Sarah Bowling, Karen Breunig, Bug, Jessica Cannon, Niri Cath, Christian Cumber, Rodney Durso, Ross Everett, Mark Farrell, Jarvis Fosdick, Brian Fouhy, Lili Francuz, Camila Galofre, Lindsay Garcia, Monica Goldsmith, Jeremy Grant, Jay Hollick, Ronald Knepper, Cindy Konits, William Krieg, William Laemmel, Trevor Leach, Ryan Lewis, William Lewis, Joshua Littlefield, James Long, Max Maddox, Don Manderson, Cherish Marquez, Addie Kae Mingilton, John Morrison, Aaron Mulligan, David Namaksy, Selena Nawrocki, Catherine Nelson, Christy, Nelson, Duncan Parks, Caroline Peters, Victor Proulx, Jabari Reed-Diop, Paul Rodgers, Suzy Savoy, Heather Schulte, Elspeth Schulze, Stephen Shugart, Bill Sieber, Brady Smith, Alexander Stark, Emilie Trice, Austin Turley, Devin Urioste, Joshua Ware, Jen Watson

Lost in Civilization: art and artifacts by Josh Davy

Next Gallery

August 9 - 25, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday August 9th from 6-10pm
NEXT Gallery
6851 W. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80214
Fri: 5-10pm; Sat/Sun 12-5pm



Abend Gallery

August 10 - 31, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Saturday, August 10th, 6-8pm
  • Participating artists: Dina Brodsky, Phoenix Chan, Morgan Cameron, Jon Ching, Marina Dieul, Stuart Dunkel, Thorgrimur Einarsson, Jennifer Gennari, Dana Hawk, Cody Jimenez, Criminy Johnson, Lindsey Kustusch, Shelli Langdale, Claudia Martucci, Gina Matarazzo, Patrick Maxcy, Ryan Morse, Josie Morway, Alexandrea Pangburn, Rob Rey, Jess Wathen, Michele Kortbawi Wilk, Zane York
Please join us on Saturday, August 10th, 6-8pm, for the opening reception of Animalia, a beautiful glimpse into the wonders of the animal kingdom. The artists present stunningly rendered portraits, captivating settings, and impeccable technique, allowing us a close look at the wonders of the natural and imagined fauna.

Abend Gallery
1412 Wazee St
Denver, CO 80202
Tue-Sat: 12:00 - 6:00 pm


Karen Roehl: Unfolding

K Contemporary

August 10 - 31, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Saturday, August 10, 6-9 pm
K Contemporary is proud to present the latest body of work from celebrated Denver Abstract Expressionist, Karen Roehl.

As we journey, we leave in our wake the exciting possibilities of roads not traveled, undiscovered countries that sound their siren calls and then slip beneath the horizon astern. With her solo exhibition, “Unfolding,” Roehl will, in a sense, re-trace her steps, exploring uncharted potentials and breathing life into creative landscapes once confined to her restless imaginings.

“This show builds on what I’ve done in the past, and tries to expand it,” says Roehl, a longtime Denver resident. “I’m bringing everything to the table, unpacking and unfolding my accumulated past.”

K Contemporary
1412 Wazee St
Denver, CO 80202


Coming Together: Meg Griffiths, Christos J. Palios, and JP Terlizzi

Colorado Photographic Arts Center

August 16 - September 28, 2019

ResilienceResilience by Christos J. Palios

Since the beginning of time, humans have been gathering over meals. From first dates to weddings, to celebrations of life and death, we meet at the table. In Coming Together, artists Meg Griffiths, Christos J. Palios, and JP Terlizzi consider the ways that home, meals and associated rituals connect us and influence our lives.

Colorado Photographic Arts Center
1070 Bannock St
Denver, CO 80204
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 11am – 5pm; Saturday: Noon – 4pm



Invisible Information: New Paintings by Jason Albert Garcia

God Spelled Backwards New Paintings by Patrick Kane McGregor


August 1 - 31, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday August 2nd from 6-11pm
Jason Garcia - Godseye

The work of Jason Garcia, Invisible Information at Dateline, is a display of varied gradations of color. Ojo De Dios or God’s Eye imagery is painted and deconstructed. Traditionally woven, Ojo De Dios are hung in homes or posted along a path as a blessing, placed in environments as guidance of how to proceed towards uncertainty. At face value Garcia’s work is rooted in the fundamentals of color theory. Further investigation reveals that the work considers a sociopolitical climate on national, local and individual platforms. Garcia’s research is rooted in autoethnography, an approach that aims to represent and systematically deconstruct personal exploits in an attempt to understand a cultural experience. Reflective of that cultural experience, his work for DATELINE is an investigation of how multiple meanings can intersect and erode each other.

In Garcia’s investigation, Invisible Information addresses his concerns that reside in the universal actions of observance, translation and understanding of an object. Garcia’s presentation of each Ojo de Dios is what transcends each painting into being a symbol as a placeholder or signpost for meaning. Simply put, in this case, blessings can be identified differently for the artist and each viewer. Garcia’s work requests the viewer to contemplate his or her own.

Invisible Information Jason Garcia was born in Orange, California in 1975. He earned a BFA from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1997 and his MFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 2014.

Patrick “Kane” McGregor - God spelled backwards...

At a young age Patrick found Interest in comic books and the art of Frank Frazetta which inspired him to draw. After a divorce led him to the Bay Area, Patrick then found graffiti and focused on this heavily for the next 8 years. He then moved to Portland after the birth of his son, only to discover the lost art of photo realistic handpainted billboards. He saw a guy hanging from a building painting a Blockbuster ad (his first teacher, Art, in using an academic and fine art approach in realism and using oils and brushes.) After bugging the owner to get hired to even clean this guys brushes and learn this seemingly fleeting occupation, he jumped and quickly understood color theory and anatomy within 5 years.

After 20 or so years painting these large scale advertisements he perfected his style to paint the art of photo realism combined with traditional sign painting. He worked with various advertising and out door sign companies that lead him to New York, many of which he still freelances with.

Now, after moving back to Colorado in 2012, the style he portrays in his portraits, art and murals is a mixture of all of these art forms combined. Pen and ink, graffiti, sign painting and oil painting. With this heavy use of color and playful immortalization of mans best friend, of which he is most comfortable painting, the battle he faces now is to deconstruct what he has learned and come into his own style, which is a step towards the journey you will witness in this exhibit. His connection with dogs and his bulldog “Boug” dates back to the digital photo revolution, when taking photos became less and less expensive. In this time, he took numerous photos of his muse, and now using these photos for reference in his work.

Patrick “Kane” McGregor is a Colorado native born in Denver Colorado.

Garcia and McGregor currently share a renovated garage studio with fellow graffiti artist DREAD in the Denver neighborhood of Globeville.

3004 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
instagram: @ddaatteelliinnee



Center for Visual Art

August 1 - October 19, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday August 2 from 6-8pm
Collectivism, opening August 1 at the Center for Visual Art, MSU Denver invites viewers to explore how working in collectives provides artists an outlet for expression that is different from their individual practice, in particular in areas of activism and humor, and additionally in how those modes of practice overlap. The exhibition features the work of 13 local, international and historic artist collectives including: Ant Farm, Distill Collective, DMB Collective, KUT, Ladies Fancywork Society, Secret Love Collective, Shattered Moon Alliance, subRosa, Tea Project, TVTV, Videofreex, The Women’s Art League and Women’s Video News Service.

“CVA is committed to presenting compelling contemporary exhibitions that spark dialogue and we are pleased to present work created through collective action that so thoughtfully engages with current issues our visitors are eager to discuss including gender, identity, media, privacy, technology and gentrification” says Cecily Cullen, Director and Curator of CVA. “It is our hope that the teamwork and collaboration inherent in this exhibition and the collective examination of contemporary issues will inspire our community to come together in conversation.”

Collectivism includes the work of several local artists collectives including Ladies Fancywork Society, Secret Love Collective and the Women’s Art League showcasing the dynamic creativity and diversity of Colorado’s flourishing art scene.

Boulder-based Women’s Art League will exhibit “vagina china” – their large-scale community art project that explores issues related to sex trafficking, connecting this alarming global reality with a centuries older global trade in Asian ceramics.

Ladies Fancywork Society and Secret Love Collective, both based in Denver, will each exhibit new work. Ladies Fancywork Society to will unfurl Our Lady, a large scale crocheted sculptural intervention while the Secret Love Collective will install an alternative world onsite at CVA replete with an interactive costume closet where visitors can explore different identities and ways of being.

Secret Love Collective will also present a variety of unique events throughout the run of the exhibition including the Parade of Selves and the In Bed By Ten dance party DJed by member DJ L.A. Zwicky on August 2. The group will also host an interactive, art making game show, Collect This!, on October 10 where participants will collect seemingly random elements to make art. Costumes, puppets and potentially artful chaos to ensue.

Other events include an artist talk and performance by the noted cyberfeminist artist collective subRosa. Members Hyla Willis and Faith Wilding will join guests in conversation about their practice on September 5. On September 6, members of subRosa will present a new performance, Gentrification U, that explores the intersections of the higher education industry with housing gentrification, the gig economy, and the new forms of digitizing and monetizing of life and death. All events are free to attend.

Other highlights include the Tea Project whose work shares the voices and experiences of men in Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp highlighting the human rights violations of the Global War on Terror. Also included are KUT, an anonymous group of Latvian filmmakers, musicians, artists, politicians and cats and Shattered Moon Alliance, a collaborative duo that explores sci-fi world-building that re-centers feminist perspectives.

Additionally, interactive art making stations throughout the gallery will allow visitors to create their own art and correspond directly with the collectives themselves.

“We feel it is important to provide fun and meaningful opportunities for visitors to not only engage with the exhibition but to also directly interact with the artists,” says Cullen. “By adding these participatory elements within the exhibition, we hope visitors will be inspired to express what is personally meaningful to them and share issues that are important in their communities.”

Collectivism also features the work of two MSU Denver Art Department faculty members, Associate Professor of Art and Collectivism co-curator Tsehai Johnson and Associate Professor of Art Michael Bernhardt. With Distill Collective, Johnson departs from her ceramics practice to create conversational and collaborative drawings through the mail. Bernhardt, of DMB Collective, is one of the three creators of the album War On Christmas which pokes fun at the daily stream of data from the world of current events in politics, as well as the self-absorbed nature of social media and beyond.

MSU Denver Art Department Chair, Associate Professor Art History, Theory and Criticism and Collectivism co-curator Deanne Pytlinski, who has written extensively on 1960’s feminist video art and counterculture, rounds out the exhibition with her selection of videos from prominent, historical experiemental and feminist film collectives including Ant Farm, Videofreex, TVTV and Women’s Video News Service.

Collectivism is organized by the Center for Visual Art and is curated by Cecily Cullen, Director and Curator of CVA, Tsehai Johnson, Associate Professor of Art, MSU Denver and Deanne Pytlinski, Chair, MSU Denver Department of Art and Associate Professor of Art History, Theory and Criticism.

Center for Visual Art
Metropolitan State University of Denver
965 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204
Tue-Fri: 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sat: 12:00 - 5:00 PM


WOW 2019

Core New Art Space

August 2 - 31, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday August 2nd from 6-9pm
WOW! Core New Art Space has moved to 6851 W. Colfax Ave. in the heart of the 40 West Arts District. To celebrate, Core will have their trademark annual WOW (Wide Open Whatever) open call show reception timed with the district wide First Friday Art Crawl, August 2nd, 6-9pm.

Established in 1981, this long-running iconic cooperative has survived several moves and Pasternack’s Art Hub will be its 7th location. Core has the distinction of being the only gallery hosting quarterly open call shows in addition to the WOW and has had local/regional/international entries.

Some new bonus features with the move: a designated space for members to display a dynamic range of affordable art, PLUS PARKING! In addition, Core’s long established exhibit rental space, The Annex, is available to artists, complete with publicity and shared receptions in main gallery.

Core New Art Space
6851 W. Colfax Ave.
Lakewood, CO 80214
Friday 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Saturday 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Unseen Nature: Katie Caron, Naomi Scheck, Regan Rosburg

William Havu Gallery

August 2 - September 14, 2019

  • Opening Reception : Friday, August 2nd from 6 - 9pm
  • On The Mezzanine: Laura Truitt: New Works
havuKatie Caron & Martha Russo, Oxytocin (Polymer)
Porcelain, Metal, Fiberglass, Compact fluorescent lights, Electronics, 51 X 39 X 36 inches
The William Havu Gallery presents Unseen Nature, an exhibition of new works by Katie Caron, Naomi Scheck & Regan Rosburg. Also featured will be Oxytocin (Polymer), a sculpture collaboration by Katie Caron & Martha Russo. On the mezzanine will be new works by painter, Laura Truitt.

William Havu Gallery
1040 Cherokee Street
Denver CO 80204


Meet the Artists Opening Exhibition

D’art Gallery

August 1 - September 15, 2019

DartGalleryLogoD’art Gallery LLC was first talked about in April 2019 when several artists met to pursue organizing a cooperative gallery at 900 Santa Fe Drive after Kat Payge purchased the building. The founding members are Jean Smith, Susan Hazaleus, Kelly Austin-Rolo, Jude Barton, Susan Gibbons and Carrie Makenna. Interested artists were invited to a meeting in late May and 16 artists committed to the project. This core group of professional artists with studios in Denver, Lakewood, Longmont, and Westminster have met over the last ten weeks to establish and organize the gallery featuring a new combination of artists to the Santa Fe Art District.

D’art Gallery
900 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO


José Sierra: New Ceramic Work

Plinth Gallery

August 2 - September 28, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday, August 2 from 6pm to 9pm
José Sierra " cup form'" stoneware, ceramic pigment approx. 5" x 5" x 4.5" 2019

Our exhibition for August and September features new ceramic work by Venezuelan born artist José Sierra. Sierra was introduced to ceramics at the University of the Andes in Mérida, Venezuela, where he learned the basic skills of ceramics. In 1996, José began working professionally as a sculptor in Mérida. In 2000, José moved to Iowa where he worked as an artist making sculpture and useable ceramics. He currently resides in New Mexico where he maintains a studio practice.

Sierra's ceramic work is influenced by his past as well as his present surroundings. Images and memories of the Andean region of Venezuela, the textures and colors of the Andes and Catalinas mountains, pre-Columbian art and architecture are all important parts of his visual vocabulary. Working with altered wheel thrown porcelain and stoneware, his fluid forms are a canvass for brightly colored decoration and geometric pattern, his response to landscape and architecture. He also credits pre-Hispanic art and architecture and contemporary artists Jesús Soto, Alejandro Otero, Carlos Cruz Diez and Gego as influences on his work.

Jonathan Kaplan, Plinth Gallery curator, notes that "Sierra's use of intense color, geometry, and softly shaped forms are innovative and exciting. While his work is quite contemporary, a sense of historical reference is both subtle and dramatic. I am extremely honored to exhibit his new work at the gallery."

José Sierra was born in Mérida, Venezuela in 1975. While José is a self-taught artist, he was introduced to ceramics at the University of the Andes in Mérida, Venezuela from 1993-1996, where he learned the basic skills of mixing clay, glazes, as well as wheel throwing. In 1996, José began working professionally as an artist in Mérida, Venezuela, doing sculpture. In 2000, José moved to Iowa where he dedicated himself to both sculpture and pottery. José currently resides in New Mexico where he is a studio potter.

Gallery hours are Thursday through Saturday, noon to 5pm and by appointment.

Plinth Gallery
3520 Brighton Blvd.
Denver, CO 80216


Trees: Transcended

Artists on Santa Fe Gallery

August 1 - 30, 2019

1989 green copy
Photo by Marti Neveln

Artists on Santa Fe Gallery members explore the concept of trees in all their forms. The diversity of styles and ideas will inspire you to view nature in unexpected and delightful ways. Come see our forest of creative ideas!  The Art District on Santa Fe is hosting an exciting 1st Friday Art Walk on Aug. 2 - food, music and merriment! Don’t miss this fun free event!

Artists on Santa Fe is a gallery with working artists' studios located in the heart of the Art District on Santa Fe. It's an engaging environment where visitors can interact with professional artists and view work in progress.
  • Open Monday-Friday from 10-5 and Saturdays from 10-4
  • 1st Friday Art Walk - Aug. 2, 6-9 pm
  • 3rd Friday Artist’s Reception - Aug. 16, 5-8 pm
Artists on Santa Fe Gallery
747 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204


Paul Garcia: Dream Wish Of A Casino Soul

Lane Meyer Projects

August 2 - September 2, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday August 2, 6pm
paulsdreamPaul's Dream

In his first solo show at Lane Meyer Projects, Paul Garcia showcases the exhibit ​Dream Wish Of A Casino Soul​. Via a juxtaposition of painting, digital art, collage, diorama and video, ​Dream Wish Of A Casino Soul ​takes a historical as well as autobiographical query into superstition and obsessive focus in dice (craps) gambling. The exhibit explores the gambler's mythologies and belief systems that are manifestations of the gambler's desire to control the uncontrollable, predict the unpredictable, and to reign in moral ambiguity.

Paul Garcia received his BFA in film production at CU Boulder. Upon graduation, he became a cab driver and explorer of quick cash pursuits. He is currently a bar owner in Denver, Colorado.

Lane Meyer Projects
2528 Walnut Street
Denver CO 80205 


Tripper Dungan: Smallest Giant in the World

Sally Centigrade Gallery

August 1 - October 5 2019

  • Opening Reception: Thursday August 1st from 5-9:30pm
  • Solo Show & Installation, includes "THE BEAST" A Man Sized Claw!!!!
m88t image16
Carnivals, sideshows, trained dog acts, roadside attractions, and novelty hucksters have always caught my attention. Of course they do. That’s the only reason they still exist. It’s part of their survival mechanism. They grab my attention for another reason though. The invitation they give is not just to look, it’s to imagine, almost to be tricked, but you’re also invited to belong in their reality for the moment. You know it’s a joke, and a piece of theatre, an intentionally transparent slight of hand. In fact the curtain is left open enough that you can see the “wizard” pulling the levers if you wish. The deal is, don’t be afraid to be a fool. Don’t forget the fool is the risk taker, the trend setters. Laugh at me, laugh at my work, laugh at yourself and enjoy yourself. The Shortest Giant in the world has the corners of his lips turned up. What are you waiting for? Snap the picture. No one will believe you if you don’t.

Sally Centigrade Gallery
445 S. Saulsbury St.Unit E
Lakewood, CO 80226