I Dreamt in Lo-Fi by Jami M. Guler and Alarming by K. Vuletich

Common Space Gallery at Art Gym Denver

February 28 – March 22, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Thursday, February 28, 2019, 5 - 8PM
  • Also opening at Art Gym Denver is Settlers, curated by Rupert Jenkins for the Month of Photography (MoP); Settlers explores the colonization of the American southwest
Art Gym Denver is thrilled to present I Dreamt in Lo-Fi by Jami M. Guler and Alarming by K. Vuletich in the Common Space Gallery with an opening reception February 28 from 5 - 8PM. I Dreamt in Lo-Fi is a series of photographs by Jami M. Guler demonstrating the beauty housed in Helga cameras, while Alarming by K. Vuletich questions the way apps and phone culture alter who we are.

Photographer Jami M. Guler first found her passion for Holga cameras in 2000 while working in a gallery in Phoenix. Since then she has collected and experimented with a myriad of variations on the Holga. Her newest series I Dreamt in Lo-Fi explores the dreamlike quality of photographs made with Holgas. The photographs were taken during a trip to Akumal, Mexico, and give the viewer a sense of trying to remember a vacation you never took. In her artist statement for the series she explains “these photographs are similar to the way your mind’s eye might recall a dream, and what that dream might look like after a long time has passed, opposed to the crisp image a digital camera may convey.” Guler’s passion for photography, and Holga cameras in particular, is clearly displayed in this exhibition. The cameras used for each photo will be exhibited as well, to help educate the observer on the tools used to create these beautiful photographs.

K. Vuletich’s practice is a combination of thought-provoking concept and exploration of materials. Her new series, Alarming, continues on this practice, using mixed media collage and motion-activated audio technology to discuss the ways in which our phones, and the apps on them, alter and change who we are. When discussing this new piece, she stated “in a time where the line between fact and fiction has been blurred by the constant inundation of ads, notifications, and news, our identity in relationship to technology is rapidly changing.” Vuletich’s installation is made up of small panels with painting and collage, using the warning/hazard icon and mobile app logos. This, combined with corresponding images in the collages and thematic sounds, forces the participant to evaluate their own relationship with our technology. In the end, Vuletich gives us all the opportunity to ask, “could our interaction with technology be the next stage of human evolution or are we, as Kurt Vonnegut suggests, ‘serving as appendages, to machines’?”

Art Gym Denver
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