Encaustic: A Collection of Contemporary Works

Art Students League of Denver

October 12 – November 18, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday, October 12 from 5:30-8pm
Encaustic - Victoria Eubanks

Exhibiting artists include: Suzanne Ellenbogen, Anne Clark, Theresa Davis, Kristen Denbow, Victoria Eubanks, Jacquie Finholm, Jo Fitsell, Roberta Friedman, Lisa Gallun, Jennifer Ghormley, Susan Gibbons, Jane Guthridge, Michele Hardy, Barry Hochstadt, Alane Holsteen, Katie Kalkstein, Gigia Kolouch, Traci Lacey, Jim Leggit, Sarah Liberatore, Lois Lupica, Julia Martin, Laura McElfresh, Michele Messenger, Barbara O’Connell, Jessica Paulk, Tania Reese, Shari Regenbogen, Paula Romero Schmidt, Brett B. Selmer, Sheary Clough Suiter, Sharon Tuke, Charles Walter, Jennifer Wilson of Wilson by Design, Rebecca Yaffe, Maureen Zelle

Encaustic: Contemporary Works is the first exhibit at ASLD to feature the captivating but often underrepresented medium of encaustic artwork. Encaustic is a Greek word meaning, “to heat or burn in,” where hot beeswax and varnish are applied to a wood panel or canvas base and then layered and intermixed with colored waxes and paper materials. Heat is used throughout the process, with each layer getting reheated to fuse it with the previous layer, making encaustic works very complex with a certain depth and texture not typically seen with other, more common mediums.

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