Real Shapes: Amanda Martinez, Joani Tremblay, Aaron Mulligan, Erik Frydenborg, Robert Taite, Sarah Schlesinger, Amber Cobb, Michael Villarreal, Jacob Haupt, Lauren Pakradooni


​June 15 - July 22, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday June 15 from 6-11pm
  • Curated by Aaron Mulligan
UntitledNo.13Jacob Haupt, Untitled No. 13 (2017)

DATELINE is pleased to present Real Shapes a group show curated by Aaron Mulligan, artist, curator and co-founder of JuiceBox Art Space.

Real Shapes broadly explores varying definitions of plasticity — environmental, material, cultural, behavioral — through a play on its meaning as both a highly malleable and ubiquitous substance. Originally used to describe ‘the art of modeling or sculpting figures’, today the word ‘plastic’ refers primarily to its corresponding polymer petroleum product. The works on display in Real Shapes unifies the classical meaning of the term with the cultural implications of anthropomorphism, ambiguity, and isolation derived from daily life in the Anthropocene. By bringing together artists who work and, in some ways, rely on plastic as material, Real Shapes is an attempt to reinstate the original meaning of plastic which, Mulligan writes, ‘is close to synonymous with “flexible”’ and, somewhat significantly, predates the discovery of the synthetic material. In effect, the exhibition asks the viewer to view these works at a distance from their materials by occupying an imaginary ‘Gumby’ world where everything is pliable and stretches outward into its next real shape.

Aaron Mulligan is an artist and curator based in Denver, Colorado, where he currently runs JuiceBox, a gallery and educational space, alongside artist Lucía Rodrígez. Prior, he was based in Brooklyn, New York. Mulligan earned his BFA in painting from Metropolitan State University of Denver and his MFA from the New York Academy of Art.

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