Bruno Novelli: Turmalinas No Céu

David B. Smith Gallery

June 29 - July 28 extended through August 4, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday, June 29, 6 - 8 pm; Free and open to the public with the artist in attendance

Bruno Novelli, Pedra Azul, 2018, acrylic on linen, 70 x 58 in

David B. Smith Gallery is pleased to welcome back Brazilian painter Bruno Novelli for his second solo exhibition, Turmalinas No Céu. Spanning the main gallery and project room, Novelli expands on his visual language defined by luscious colors, tropical imagery, and collage -like layered compositions. Roughly translating to “tourmaline sky,” Turmalinas No Céu explores what Novelli terms a “tropical delirium,” a type of aesthetic utopia where imagery imbued with personal meaning materialize into paradisiac landscapes.

Exotic and yet familiarly primal, viewers can feel the pulse of Novelli’s nocturnal jungle scenes. Spider monkeys peer out from behind mountains of sliced agate, while glowing moons coax tropical flowers to bloom. Alongside scenes of fantastical rainforest flora, fauna, and celestial bodies, are smaller canvases that Novelli describes as invitations for introspective experience. In contrast to the spindly jungle scenes of the larger canvases, these smaller scale works deliver a powerful visual punch, many featuring hazy color gradients and slices of Brazilian gemstones sprinkled over the surface.

David B. Smith Gallery
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