Linda Lopez: Stranger (Main Gallery)

In the project room: Secret Love Collective: Gay Renaissance (Project Space)

David B. Smith Gallery

August 16 - September 14, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday, August 16th, from 6 - 8pm
dbs Linda Lopez, Blue/Green Triple Dust Furry with Red Cutouts, 2019, porcelain, 8.5 x 9.5 x 3.25 in.

David B. Smith Gallery is proud to present Stranger, the first solo exhibition with the gallery by Fayetteville, Arkansas-based artist Linda Lopez.

Focused primarily in sculptural ceramics, Lopez’s curious and colorful forms have received national and international acclaim. In Stranger, Lopez’s first exhibition with the gallery, she considers the concepts of object and other. Presented in vibrant gradients of color, ceramic sculptures rear their bulbous heads as hundreds of porcelain fingers endlessly pour over one another, feeling their way around fragments of chunky debris. In the juxtaposition of gentle curves and sharp angles, Lopez boldly flips the gaze between bodily and foreign, familiar and alien.

Stranger comes at a time of cultural uncertainty. Inherent to the material itself, porcelain speaks to the gravity of objecthood and tradition, which contrasts sharply with the incorporeal influence of technological advancement on human social systems. Comprised of elemental earth materials, Lopez’s sculptures embody a substantive temperament, endowing her sculptures with the ability to return the curiosity of the viewer.

As described in the recent PBS special State of the Art, Lopez is an artist “redefining the American aesthetic.” Backed by stylistic and technical acuity, in Stranger Lopez ponders, “Who is the real stranger in this world, us or them?”

Secret Love Collective, Anniversary, 2018, mixed media installation, dimensions variable

In the project room:

David B. Smith Gallery is pleased to present Gay Renaissance, an installation-based exhibition by Denver’s own Secret Love Collective.

Bounding with vibrantly colored handmade pom poms, carefully stitched banners, and mound upon mound of soft sculpture, Gay Renaissance brings a sense of maximalist celebration to the gallery’s project room. Impervious to, or perhaps in spite of increasing societal and political divisiveness, Secret Love Collective unapologetically infuses radical love into every plush, patterned nook and cranny.

With a history of spontaneous dance parties and costumed sidewalk parades, the joy of queerness sparkles like iridescent sequins throughout all of Secret Love’s endeavors. Working together to create immersive installations and experiences, the collective embraces the potential of critical collaboration. Self-emancipated from the rigidity of convention, Secret Love Collective’s Gay Renaissance proves once and for all that love itself can be a life-changing revolution, and that sharing secrets is undoubtedly a good thing.

David B. Smith Gallery
1543 A Wazee Street
Denver, CO, 80202


Linda Nguyen Lopez (b. 1981) received a BFA from California State University of Chico and a MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Lopez has exhibited her work in New Zealand and throughout United States including Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville; Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach; The Clay Studio, Philadelphia; and the Jane Hartsook Gallery at Greenwich House Pottery, New York. She has been an artist in residence at The Clay Studio and the Archie Bray Foundation. In 2016, Lopez received the Lighton International Artist Exchange Program Grant to be an artist-in-residence at C.R.E.T.A. Rome Residency Program. She is represented by Mindy Solomon Gallery in Miami, FL. About Secret Love Collective

Secret Love Collective was born in early 2017 out of a desire to connect and create worlds that do not yet exist. Through gatherings, events, performances, and exhibitions, Secret Love engages friends and strangers in questioning the status quo, rigid categories of identity, dominant social structures, and art world hierarchies. The collective employs everything from fabric to dance parties, pom poms to costumes in their interactive art experiences. You can always count on lots of color, playfulness, and fun in a Secret Love Collective exhibition. The collective is made up of several Denver artists including Katy Batsel, Lares Feliciano, Colby Phillip Graham, Piper Rose, Frankie Toan, Genevieve Waller, Katy Zimmerman, and Lauren Zwicky. About David B. Smith Gallery

David B. Smith Gallery is committed to presenting intelligent and culturally relevant exhibitions in its Denver location, featuring the region’s most important emerging talent alongside internationally recognized artists. Through its curatorial program, participation in art fairs, and extensive media coverage in publications such as Art in America and ARTnews, David B. Smith Gallery has cultivated a strong regional, national, and international collector audience. The New York Times hailed the gallery as offering "an exciting contrast of cutting edge works” and The Denver Post declared that it is the “premiere commercial space” in Denver. The gallery also maintains an active publishing division, which produces exhibition catalogues and editions.