David D'Agostino: Erratic

Lane Meyer Projects

January 18 - February 11, 2019

  • Opening Reception: Friday January 18th from 6pm - 11pm
David D'Agostino - Cone Crack

Spurred by his curiosity toward the ephemeral nature of geological patterns, David D’Agostino experiments with the land’s numinous voice and its material formation. Although he calls himself a painter, he relies heavily on mixing archival modeling paste and iridescent fluid inks and acrylics to ‘carve’ remote landscapes that reveal the tension between nature's silence and velocity.

D’Agostino believes in a phenomenological approach to the experience of an artwork, maintaining that a painting’s space functions as zazen, or “meditative deep space,” in which one has a personal reaction to the indefiniteness of physical matter. It is in the clash between the unfathomable immensity of the world and the desire to somehow ground our self in it, that we gain a peripheral glimpse of cosmic structure and formlessness.

D’Agostino does not offer a view of the idealized landscape (often defined in New Mexico by overly saturated colors and bucolic scenery), but attempts to convey terrains in their extreme where hostility, beauty, and fear merge. His paintings and photos accept the rupture: eerie, barren, stressed, monstrous places cut open by the acceleration of extreme of weather and human-inspired exploitation. Landscapes where heat and ice collapse our flimsy identities.

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