Kelly Mansfield: Disappear

Pam Farris: Taking Flight

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July 20 - August 5, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday, July 20, 6-10pm; special live music performance by Anya Thomson
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Kelly Mansfield: Disappear

Kelly Mansfield shares with us a surprising correlation between the destruction and recreation of her artwork, to an exploration of our human experience of feeling disconnected. She questions what holds us together when we feel lost, what brings us back when we feel shattered? In the act of shattering and reassembling plaster fragments, rearranging surfaces around a found treasure, and applying paint to bring the treasure to life again, she connects to the mythology of Shiva Nataraja/The Lord of the Dance in order to better receive new inspiration. The found treasure, brought to life again, helps to reconnect us to an individual’s story. These treasures are reminders, a type of portkey that can transport us out of the darkness, find contact, and remind us that we are not alone. And so we go on, seeking treasures amongst the ruins to bring us back again. Disconnect and Connect, Disappear and Appear.

Pam Farris: Taking Flight

What does flight mean to you? Flight can take us towards something we want or to an escape far away. Flight can bring us back to our childhood or a peek into our future. Flight can comfort us or drive us crazy. Pam Farris will be exploring flight in two and three dimensions within the medium of mosaic. She is also not using frames and letting the artwork “take flight”.

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