Thresholds by G Cody Day and Cyncie Winter

Sync Gallery

July 19 - August 11, 2018

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G Cody Day Threshold 1
G Cody Day, Threshold 1, acrylic on canvas, 60” x 36”

Sync Gallery
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G Cody Day: Artist Statement

Threshold is the point between two things. The moment where one ceases to be and the other begins. Threshold is the line in the sand, defining this from that, me from you, us from them. Perceived reality is dependent on perspective, and with a simple shift in perspective the governing laws of existence change dramatically. The natural world is built of many tiny fragments, that depending on viewpoint, behave as independent entities or as a collective whole. An adjustment in perspective can cause pieces to appear to behave autonomously and without regard, or to act as networked entity thriving off the collective efforts of the whole. As with a telescope lens the universe can appear as a mass of tiny specks floating in an endless void of darkness. With a change in focus, each tiny speck becomes its own universe, built of even smaller units. Threshold is the moment where the maximum ability of representation has been met. The breaking point where something cannot exceed existing in its current state or as what it is. Threshold is the line that separates and defines perceived reality.

Thresholds is a collection of new work by G Cody Day focusing on the lines that divide and the lines that unite. The work expands Day's existing body with a macro-focus on the division between things and the moment of variance. Through use of rigorous process, Day builds depth and atmosphere, documenting the underlying similarities and differences in color and the application of the paint. Divisions in textures document the discoveries made and the parallels of similarity and variance. Thick and confident black lines dance through the captured moments in time emphasizing variation and unity through a calm collected chaos. Thresholds explores the theme of the manifestation of self, as the whole and as the part, and the lines that define. The installment of fresh brand new work exudes vibrance and life from the free flowing gentle gradients to the crisp lattice of interpretation and rule. The canvases, treated in Day's signature style, are the largest he has created to date, both in scope and physical dimension. Thresholds pushes self-imposed boundaries through horizons of color to their breaking point, focusing on the moment of change, and definition.

Cyncie Winter: Artist Statement

Cyncie Winter Emergence
Cyncie Winter, Emergence, acrylic on canvas, 60” x 36”

During the course of our lives, we will often encounter Thresholds that we have to cross— moments where we are called upon to make life-changing decisions. While we may actively choose to say Yes to some of these Thresholds, often it may feel like they are thrust upon us—that we have no choice about whether to respond to them or not.. In either case, we find ourselves embarking on an unforeseen heroic journey which can propel us into the Unknown. As challenging as they may seem, these Thresholds can be seen as as New Beginnings, offering an opportunity to embrace creative possibilities about What Is Next.

In her most recent series of abstract paintings, Cyncie works with a process that is intuitive, intentional, gestural, and expressive, to provide more clarity about how to navigate through uncertain times. Using multiple washes and layers of liquid acrylic paint, she explores what it means to invite in fluidity and resilience to both creativity and to life itself. The shapes and symbols and colors that emerge from this complex process can provide symbolic teachings for navigating a threshold’s passage. A star gleams with hope in a sea of blue, a dragonfly moves toward the light to signal transformation, a canvas of blazing red fills the heart with courage. And although we may feel as though we lack control about the course of our lives, we can use the creative process to make sense of the changes that emerge, to bring powerful meaning to those transformative times.

As a psychotherapist, life coach, creativity coach and professional artist, Cyncie intimately knows that the crossing of Thresholds can present unforeseen challenges, but also offer expansive and rewarding wisdom and growth to our lives. While this journey is often filled with Uncertainty, it can also bring wonder and delight, opening us up to mysterious and surprising revelations, gifts of wisdom and fruitful answers to respond to the question, “What is this life—this work of art—Becoming?”

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