Michael Brohman: "Oh Me! Oh My! Whatever Does It Mean?"

Pirate Contemporary Art Oasis

September 14th - 30th, 2007

Opening Reception Friday September 14th from 6:00 - 10:00 PM

Michael Brohman
Artist Michael Brohman, photos by Ken Hamel/DenverArts.org

If you have a taste for the Macabre, be sure to check out Michael Brohman's latest body of work at Pirate, which offers up a veritable cornucopia of death and dismemberment. Brohman makes use of a what's what of animal parts including turtle shells and human teeth ("When I Was Young A Wise Turtle Told Me the Secret of Life"), horse manure and and porcupine quills ("Prick"), elk legs ("Santa Sangre") and antelope heads ("Prairie Home Companion").

Brohman recently spent time at the Jentel Artist's Residency Program, a working cattle ranch  in rural Wyoming, and the wildlife of the rural west
certainly is (or rather was) at play in several of the pieces. By happy coincidence, Brohman's show in the front of Pirate is teamed up with the work of Valerie and Jonathan Nicklow who share in Brohman's obsession with the bizarre (click here for pix from the Nicklows' exhibit...)

Pirate Comtemporary Art Oasis
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