Brianna Martray and Meagen Svendsen

Next Gallery

July 24 - August 9, 2009

  • Opening Reception: Friday July 24, 2009 from 6–10pm
Brianna Matray at Next - photo by Ken Hamel/

Brianna Martray: "Evolve"

This body of work is attempting to cultivate expansion both on and off the wall. The paintings are black and white, a departure from my typically bright, colorful work and the sculpture is my first attempt at bronze. Evolution can happen from both addition or subtraction, in the case of the paintings, taking away my favorite toy--color, and for the sculpture, adding another element--the third dimension. I have enjoyed and learned from each of these processes.
Title: Today's Tomorrow Medium: oil on wood Size: 32"x80" (attached)

Meagen Svendsen at Next - photo by Ken Hamel/

Meagen Svendsen: "Viral"

Meagen Svendsen exhibits new sculpture and installation at NEXT Gallery, utilizing her established lexicon of social critique. With her unique artistic interpretation of current events, Svendsen presents a jocular twist on serious social content. The double entendre in "Viral" connects the notion of viral culture with that of the viral pandemics that sweep the globe. In this, Svendsen proffers a lighthearted look at otherwise heavy subject matter. She explains, "In today’s viral culture, we are no longer able to imagine ourselves as autonomous individuals living within imagined boundaries. Real-time images from the media travel throughout the world by way of global technology. Likewise, the spread of viral infections makes the interconnectivity of humanity and animals an unavoidable reality."

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photos by Ken Hamel/
Brianna Martray - Today's Tomorrow

Meagen Svendsen - Swine Flu