“Small Change” an installation Brian Cavanaugh (main space)

“Domestic Beasts” Vinnie Alfonso painting/installation (associate space)

Pirate: Contemporary Art

February 16 - March 4, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday February 16 from 6-10pm
Domestic Beasts pirate
Pirate: Contemporary Art
7130 W 16th Ave
Lakewood, CO 80214



"SMALL CHANGE" is an installation by Brian Cavanaugh toying with content, context and scale using sound, LEDs, motorized turntables and repurposed objects. Twelve new kinetic sculptural constructs, one monthly for the duration of 2017, emphasize the cyclical nature of history, nature, and explore culture's darker carnival atmosphere, where metaphor is ringmaster to a circus parade of divisive disparity on national tour.

Mostly powerless in the face of dark absurdity, our daily reflections, conversations and choices affect small change. Exhausted by the relentless cultural news cycle, daily life and work go on, overshadowed by a looming anxiety. Humor alone offers little relief from the frustrating horrors of our current political predicament. Social media inflames differences, magnifying mole hills into mountains, fracturing the landscape, separating and surrounding islands with filtered thought bubbles. Our natural tendency is to retreat, find the bubble or island that filters out the most discomfort. "Small Change" is a cumulative collection of small scenarios offering a little relief.

Domestic Beasts live in a world tailored toward domestication. Remaining docile and contented is what society expects from its' upholding members. But how to navigate this world, manufactured for the self, while tip-toing around primal urges and innate animalism?

Vinni Alfonso's upcoming exhibition presents a series of paintings depicting acts of human's inherent, primal urges. The paintings are accompanied with installations that both expand on the stories of each piece, while creating the ruse of a domicile meant to seem vaguely familiar to all viewers. A construction of docility built around physicality. The combination of work questions the nature of man under the guise of domestication.