Craig Robb: Incident on a Surface

Associate Space: Noah Sodano: neglected spectra (c. 2010-2018)

Pirate: Contemporary Art

March 30 - April 15, 2018

  • Opening Reception: Friday March 30 from 6-10pm
Craig Robb - A Fractious Embrace

Robb’s work for this show is the product of his recent exploration into light and how it can be manipulated into his art. How it can be just another element within a sculpture or how the art focuses in on the light. His work is normally very metaphorical in nature and reflects his varied opinions about the world he lives in. This body of work is more formal in presentation but works within how he tends transform the immediate environment that the art viewer exists in. How their perceptions of the space can be affected.  

Pirate: Contemporary Art
7130 W 16th Ave
Lakewood, CO 80214