Impressions, Markings & More

Space Gallery

April 13 - 28, 2018

  • Saturday April 14th from 1-2:30pm: Impressions Salon

Jean-Pierre Morin - aluminum sculpture

In collaboration with Collectors for Connoisseurship, SPACE Gallery presents the group exhibition Impressions, Markings & More. Celebrating the Degas blockbuster show at the Denver Art Museum, the focus of the exhibition will be on impressions and markings. Curated by Shannon Robinson, the group show will include several SPACE artists who focus on the abstraction, as well as others selected by Robinson.

The opening on the 12th will be a private event put on by Collectors for Connoisseurship. For information regarding tickets to the event please visit their website for details about C4C Arts Weekend and Collectors for Connoisseurship (

On April 14th (1-2:30pm) there will be an ‘Impressions Salon’ event held at the gallery. It will consist of a brief presentation by Robinson entitled Impressions: Degas to McCaw with discussions from several of the artists on display, members of the public are welcome to attend.

Collectors for Connoisseurship is a nonprofit organization whose proceeds support living artist as well as the Mission of the Dominicans in Denver who serve those in need.

Exhibition artists include: Kathy Anderson, Stephanie Birdsall, Daniel Bilmes, Scott Burdick, Haze Diedrich, Miguel Edwards, Michael Gadlin, Ulrich Gleiter, Albert Handell, Ron Hicks, Liu Huihan, Michael Klein, Calvin Liang, Terrie Lombardi, David W Mayer, Dan McCaw, Danny McCaw, John McCaw, Jean-Pierre Moran, CW Mundy, Desmond O’Hagan, Vanessa Rothe, Don Sahli, Karen Scharer, Jill Soukup, Adrienne Stein, Nancy Switzer, Clive Tyler, Karen Vance, Jeff Wenzel, John Wood, Vincent Xeus, & Ron Zito.

Space Gallery
400 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80204