Crystal Morey & Nine Francois: A Vulnerable Paradigm of Wonder

April 6 - May 5, 2018

Visions West Contemporary

  • Opening reception: Friday, April 6th from 6-8pm
Entangled Wonder
Crystal Morey, Entangled Wonder - Reclining Mule Deer with New Mollusk Growth, 2017, hand built porcelain, 12.5 x 13 x 7

Sculptor Crystal Morey and photographer Nine Francois will be exhibiting new work April 6th - May 5th at Visions West Contemporary, Denver. Titled A Vulnerable Paradigm of Wonder, the exhibition will highlight Morey's delicate and exacting sculptures alongside Francois's graphic, soulful and modern portraits of animals.

Crystal Morey: "I hope that the viewer comes away from my work thinking and asking questions about our role as humans on the earth and our relationship to other living beings. I hope to raise awareness of these urgent issues while also showing our humanity, ingenuity, and ability to be flexible and innovate as species."

Nine Francois: "I use photography to express personal versions of my own selective truths. My images start off in the objective, as all photographic records do, but frequently don't stay there. They are transformed through various techniques and processes to make them mine -- to take them out of the realm of fact and reportage and place them into the service of exploring and responding to my world."

Visions West Contemporary
2605 Walnut St.
Denver, CO 80205