Currents New Media

Location: El Museo Cultural, Santa Fe, NM

June 8 - 24, 2018

Opening Weekend: June 8 - 10

  • El Museo Cultural: 555 Camino de la Familia in Santa Fe, NM
Join us for the 9th annual edition of CURRENTS NEW MEDIA festival at the Railyard in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 2018 will boast over 90 collaborating artists in the fields of interactive installations, VR and AR environments, multimedia performances, single-channel videos, animation, robotics, app projects, experimental documentaries, 3D printing, and more.

CURRENTS NEW MEDIA brings together the work of established and emerging new media artists from around the world for events that incorporate cutting-edge new media technology, visual arts, and community interaction. The festival introduces the public to new technology molded by artists into vehicles for expression and the communication of ideas – broadening the definition of 21st century art making and fostering a more expansive use of technology.

CURRENTS NEW MEDIA Festival Opening Night
Friday, June 8 / 6:00 pm - 12:00 am
$5 suggested donation over 18
Location: CURRENTS festival main exhibition venue at El Museo Cultural



Your Chance Encounter / Guest Curator Exhibition
Chun-chi Wang
Your Chance Encounter presents positions dealing with issues of how is urban space read in big cities? What forces are in play in the regulation of space? what influences do global markets have on local conditions? What are the relations between the artistic production and the shifting economical, social changes? These works are concerned with the City and the Space as much as with the individual notion of moving and traveling.

Joel Hobbie
Joel Hobbie combines organic forms such as tree limbs cast in bronze with robotic machines that use facial recognition software. As the viewer approaches Hobbie’s work, limbs move and gears turn as they come to life. This site-specific piece takes the machine further away, separating us from the sculpture that clearly sees us and beckons to come forth but fear of what it wants make you cautious. Mechanisms of the future we can only try to understand.

Mikhail Mansion & Kuan Ju Wu
Playform invites visitors to playfully interact while co-creating dynamic light forms with others. Using elements of repetition, light and motion, the sculpture takes simple materials and expressively activates the environment to create an ephemeral aesthetic experience. Through a shared interaction, the sculpture attempts to blur boundaries between personal and public space, and inspire fun, convivial moments between visitors. Objects of Fascination